Friday Fave

30th Jun 2017

Friday FAVE: if you are a regular at the store or have had a conversation with me (Cheryl) about adhesives, this one will come as NO surprise to you! These are my 2 TOP adhesive choices! Be Creative tape is absolutely AMAZING adhesive that comes in sheets or rolls between 1/8″ wide all the way up to 12″ wide. I love that it is permanent and no project made with it will fall apart! I also love that it does NOT yellow over time! My other adhesive favourite is Tombow Multi. Again, it is a permanent adhesive that gives you about 5-ish seconds to shimmy you layers in place and then it is place for good! Another cool feature of Tombow multi is that if you put it into paper and let it dry clear it has a removable bond that is perfect for masking techniques! Even better! Tombo has just created a NEW larger sized bottle! ❤️