Glitter Poppy Card Tutorial

13th Sep 2013

How to Make a Glitter Poppy Card

Supplies Used: 


  • Cut 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ card base. Score at 4 1/4″ fold and set aside. Cut a piece of cream cardstock 4″ x 5 1/4″ and set aside. Cut a final piece of cream cardstock 5 1/4″ x 2″ and cover one side with Be Creative Tape.
  • Die cut poppy from smaller piece of cream cardstock with Be Creative Tape using the Big Shot machine. Place die on BC tape side. Remove from die (carefully….the poppy stems are quite delicate!) and set pieces aside. Place die on Cream 4 x 5 1/4 piece. This piece will go onto the front of the card so be carefull with your placement! Remove die and be carefull not to lose the small long piece from between the 2 stems.


  • Using an exacto knife, carefully slice the Be creative backing only between the stems and the flowers.  It is absolutely crucial the it is only the backing that is cut and not the adhesive and cardstock.


  • Place a piece of paper onto your work surface.  Remove the backing from the top poppy flower using Be Creative tweasers. Hold the diecut piece so the flower is higher than the stem.  Using a slurpee straw, sprinkle Poppy Orange glitter (89MFP) over the top edge of the flower only.  By having the diecut piece slanted it will prevent an edge to th
    e glitter and make it more gradual into the next colour.  Dust the excess glitter off with a soft brush and put the left-over glitter back into it’s container.  Clean any glitter residue off of your surface or replace your paper.  Sprinkle Apple Red glitter (10MFP) over the remainder of the flower.  Dust the excess glitter off with a soft brush.  Burnish (rub) the glitter gently (only because of the delicate stem on the flower).  By Burnishing you are giving that glitter good contact with the adhesive and your diecut will become VERY sparkly:)  Remove the small stem piece between the flowers and sprinkle on Sweet Basil glitter (99MFP), dust off the excess and burnish carefully.  Repeat the same steps from the first flower with the second poppy flower.  Lastly is the stems.  Remove part of the backing off of the poppy bud and conecting stem.  Using the same technique as the flower, sprinkly the ‘top’ of the bud with Green Mist glitter (94MFP) dust off the excess and then remove the remainder of the backing off of the stems and sprinkle with Sweet Basil glitter (99MFP).  Burnish entire diecut delicately as those stems are VERY delicate and will stretch easily.


  • Place diecut to the side and get your 5 1/4″ x 4″ cream  piece with the diecut poppy removedand place some Be Creative tape behind the diecut ‘window’.  Insert the glitter diecut piece starting at the top of the flowers.  Once the flowers are inserted, insert the bud.  Next is the stems and inevitably they will have stretched so start at the bottom of the stems and carefully fit the rest in.  Lastly insert the cream centre piece and attach to the fron of your card base.


  • This Glittered Poppies Card can be viewed in person at the store 🙂