WTF-Journal Club!

3rd Jul 2018

July 20, 2018 – July 20, 2018

307A 14th Street

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(Welcome To Fun…what were YOU thinking?!)

It’s Finally here! And it’s brought to you by the letter “F”!
F is for Fabulous, Frivolous, Fearless, Fantasmic, Fanciful, Funky, Felicitous, Frolicking Fun, just to name a few of my FAVORITES!
You know what else is my favorite? ART
Come out and play and meet fellow journalers!
It’s a place to find your muse, your inspiration, heal your soul with ART! We will be meeting the third Friday night of every month, (to start with.) Each month we will pick a different theme and/or product to experiment with. It will be a fantastic way to try out new mediums in your journal and learn new techniques you may not have tried as well as having guest artists come in to share from time to time as well. I will loosely guide the sessions in the beginning but my desire is that this will be a space of sharing between a community of explorers and adventurers.


Club Price: $10
Bring your journal, favorite tools and enthusiasm!