SAVE THE DATE for our Annual Fall Retreat!!!

7th Apr 2014

Our Annual Fall Retreat is Scheduled for Nov 7-9.

It’s that time of year again where we book/firm up our instructors for our Annual Fall Retreat…so for those that missed this question the first time we asked it…Who would YOU like to see teaching classes at our retreat?

Already confirmed and coming to TEACH us are Cathie Allanand Jessie Hurley!!! Also confirmed is the date… 
Don’t miss this chance to help ‘shape’ our annual retreat by choosing a CANADIAN scrapbook/card maker that YOU would love to LEARN from!! We will be offering classes separate from the retreat on NOVEMBER FIFTH AND SIXTH!! So even IF you cannot make it to the retreat you might just fit in a class or two. Give it some thought and let YOUR VOICE be heard!!!