Time to say GOOD-BYE to a decade!!!  

22nd Mar 2018

YAY, we are fiiiinally on the MOVE… Our last day in our current location (307C-14th Street) will be THURSDAY March 22nd(today!!). We will officially close the doors on an entire decade, at 5pm – FOREVER! One hundred and twenty three months (123!!) holds a LOT of memories; bitter sweet for sure! Onto bigger, better and brighter things 🙂

We will be CLOSED at both locations ALL DAY on FRIDAY March 23rd as we take the day to complete this move. 

Our first day in the new location (307A-14th Street, TWO DOORS closer to Cliffe, still in the same strip mall) will be THIS SATURDAYMarch 24th,  my “bff” Loretta’s Birthday! Divine intervention surely played a part in aligning these two moments in time!

Come join us for our “SOFT-OPENING”, cake, door prizes and oodles and oodles and oodles (and oodles and … … …) of NEW product! We will have a Grand Re-Opening down the road, once the dust settles!